Bowling at Eldon Leisure

Join us for bowling at Eldon Leisure. Just a stone throw away from campus in Eldon Square you’ll find Eldon Leisure. Meet new friends and have a laugh at you try to bowl those strikes.

Axe throwing

Who doesn’t like a little danger? Hatchet Harry’s are opening their doors for you to enjoy the thrill of axe throwing after dark. Make friends, have fun and throw some axes.

Ghost tour

Get to know the dark history of Newcastle. Take a tour to all the best Haunts as your guide takes you on a journey through time.

Mog on the Tyne Cat games night

Another chance to sit back and chill out with your new friends as you enjoy games night at Mog on the Tyne. Your local cat café (yes you read that right enjoy a brew and cuddle up with the resident cats). Take a break from city life and enjoy some quality time with your fellow students and the family of rescued cats living at the café.

Salsa Classes at Revolution De Cuba

Join us at Revolucion De Cuba where you can make friends and learn those all important moves to show off to your new friends.  

Pool at Spot White

Get your chalk and pool cue at the ready. Join us for a night of pool and pizza at Spot White. Meet new friends and get to know your new favourite hangout. 

Murder mystery 'Funeral at the Fun house'

Can you catch the killer? Join us for a night of fun as you try and crack the clues to figure out who committed the crime. 

Bingo Revolution

Bingo Revolution is back with a Freshers’ 2019 special. We’re taking bingo out of the halls and giving it bigger balls, bigger prizes and more fun. Get yourself ready for a night of fun and laughs as you compete for the best prizes.