What to expect during fresher's week

Your first week away from home can be a bit of a whirlwind, full of high riding emotions, new acquaintances and lots of activities to get involved in. It’ll probably you’re first time fending for yourself without the comfort blanket of your parents. So we’ve created this little blog to help you better prepare yourself for the first week at university and what to expect during fresher’s week.

1. Moving Out and Moving In

If you’re moving into student accommodation, arrive early get settled in. This is your chance to meet your roommates early and start a friendship. It’s ok to feel nervous or homesick, it’s completely natural and in most cases your roommates are probably in the same boat.

2. Student Loan

The first week of fresher’s is the also the week when your student loan becomes available but don’t go crazy as you’ll find that your student loan isn’t actually a lot of money. So don’t be silly and remember budget when you can.

3. Fresher’s Wristband

Make sure you grab yourself a fresher’s wristband if you want to be able to get entry to all of the amazing events we have on offer. We have this and this for you and that’s just a few.

4. Fresher’s Fair

This Fair is where you can find all the universities societies, sports clubs and brands advertise themselves to try and entice you to sign up. There are also a lot of freebies floating around so you won’t want to miss out on some free stuff. Chances are you’ll sign up to loads of societies and sports clubs and they are all amazing but I'd choose just one as uni life can get pretty busy.

5. Daytime Activities

During the day there will be loads of activities to do, get yourself out there and make some new friends. Choose something you like doing and then you’ll meet people with the same interests.

6. Fresher’s Flu

It’s inevitable and you won’t be able to escape it! Just from being around lots of new people and if you’ve been drinking a lot of alcohol then your body is going to start to feel a little run down. But don’t worry it’s really just a cold!

7. Getting Lost

Don’t worry you’re not alone and you won’t be the first to get lost. If it does happen to you though don’t panic grab your phone and head to the NUSU App. The app has all the accommodation postcodes with a simple tap this will link directly to your maps and get you home.