Top Tips for Making Friends

The one thing you’ll remember most from your time at university is not all the hard work you’ve done but the friends you made, who most probably will be friends for life. However, making friends can seem a little daunting, I know it was for me. So here are some top tips to make that process a bit easier.

Join a society or sports club

Probably the easiest way to make friends is by joining a society or sports club. By joining a club you’ll meet loads of new people all with at least one common interest.

Join Facebook groups

Usually each course has a Facebook group just have a little search and I’m sure you’ll find one. Facebook is actually a great way to meet fellow students and these all have group chats which can be super helpful from time to time (especially for submission dates).

Keep your door open

If you’re living in halls, one thing you can do to help encourage conversation with your fellow housemates is to leave your door open. This say’s you’re open to talk to and makes them feel like you want to get to know them better.

Stay at University longer

This is more specific to those who commute. As soon as your lectures are done hang around a little longer, don’t just go straight home. Ask what your class mates are doing, this will help in getting to know them better as well as meeting new people.

Get a part-time job

By getting a part-time job you’ll meet new people you probably wouldn’t have otherwise. This will also help you gain in confidence helping you make even more friends. Plus, you’ll earn a little alongside your studies.

Be Inquisitive

Once the awkward introductions are over, ask some more inquisitive questions. This will encourage more conversation and show them that you are interested in being friends. Good conversation starters include: where are you from, what do you study, hobbies and interests and so on…