Top 10 Tips on How Not to P*** Off Your Roommates

Freshers’ of 2019 getting ready for a whole new level of patience and open-mindedness. Living in shared accommodation is a lot of fun at times don’t get me wrong, however there will be times when you irritate your roommates or they irritate you. It can be incredibly daunting moving into a house with complete strangers, you’re probably already asking questions like; Will they like me? Will you like them? Don’t worry we’ve got your back with our top 10 tips on how not to p*** off your roommates.

1. Bins

There’s nothing worse than having to empty the bins when you’ve been away or when the bins are full and it’s not your rubbish. Make a point of who’s week it is to empty the bins and keep to it. It’s a simple solution but it’ll keep everyone happy in the long run.

2. Washing up

I know no-one likes doing the washing up, it’s not particularly nice to do. However, if you wash up your stuff after using it, then your roommates can’t have a go at you if it’s not your mess. Try to limit the amount of utensils you use, thus eliminating the amount of washing up you have to do.

3. Cooking

All I’m going to say is don’t be the idiot who sets off the fire alarm, forcing everyone to evacuate the building. If you’re not sure how to cook buy a beginners cooking book or stick to delivery services.

4. Enjoying one’s self

I’ll keep this brief, if you’re having fun, this does not mean that everyone in your house wants to hear you enjoying yourself!

5. Shared bathrooms

Sometimes it’s difficult when you have to share bathrooms, some of you might not be used to it. Top tip do not spend hours in the bathroom at a time, keep it clean, girls with long hair be aware here's one for you.

6. Loosing keys

It’s all fun and games until you come home and realise you’ve lost your key. It’ll probably be 3am and you’re possibly a little worse for ware, do not try and break down the door. You may hurt yourself and your flat mates won’t be happy when they have to pay for a new door!

7. Loud Music

This one you’ll probably think is obvious but you’ll definitely forget. If you’re living with a lot of roommates it is not wise to play loud music at 2am in the morning! You may get glares the next day.

8. Giving out spare keys

One of the worst things you could do, is give your partner a spare key to your flat. I’d definitely advise against this!

9. Pre-drinks

If you’re having pre-drinks just remember potentially one of your roommates might not be. And I’m betting that they won’t want to wake up to bottles of alcohol laid around the house.

10. Kleptomania

Commonly known as an inability to refrain from the urge to steal other people’s things. Remember labelling is great, gets you out of a lot of bother! You know which is items belong to you, no excuses.