The Grand Tour of Newcastle University Student's Union

Welcome to Newcastle we are so happy to have you here! We as a Student’s Union are here to make your life at university super fun but also help you feel supported. I won’t lie to you, I only started using the Student’s Union until I was in 3rd year and I could not believe what I missed out on. The Student’s Union is a great place to hang out with friends, study as well as seek advice from the student advice centre. I honestly had no idea what the Student’s Union was for(apart from getting discounted hoodies) which is why I never bothered going in. So I’m here to show all the amazing things that are contained within the student’s union from the bottom floor to the very top!

So let’s start at the bottom and work our way up.

At the very bottom floor is the venue where the Student’s Union host the most amazing events. This underground venue has been the perfect set up used to host the 1975, George Ezra and Machine Head in recent years. Other events include the likes of petting guide dogs to vintage fairs. I was clearly missing out big time.

Next level up is Luther’s bar which has its very own Starbucks (a personal favourite of mine)! In Luther’s bar you can get food and drinks for a discounted price using your student card. However, you can’t forget about Dominos, Shijo and Subway that all live on this level. There’s also a Santander!

On the Group floor you’ll find the Student’s Union shop where you can get merchandise, food and drink as well as stationary. Don’t forget your student’s card as you get a 20% discount! On this floor you can also find the student advice centre as well as communal spaces and computers.

Another floor higher and you can find big booths with places to charge your electrical devices. This space is perfect for working on group projects or even just hanging out with friends during lunch. Again on this level there is computers for you to work on.

At the very top you’ll find Humpit Hummus (my absolute favourite), they serve warm pitta bread with hummus which I can assure you is delightful! On this level you can find lots of space to work, with loads of computers as well as group study pods. During term time on a Wednesday around 12pm to 3pm you can find Wan who’ll give you a complimentary massage and help you feel relaxed.

And that’s the grand tour, I hope you come and visit soon and often!