The 7 different types of house mates you’ll encounter in Uni halls

Moving into a new flat with 5 other people can be a weird thought. To help you prepare for moving into your new home for the next 12 months we’ve compiled a list of the 7 different types of people you will discover when you start Uni.

1. The Messy One

There’s always one. They can normally be found with their housemates screaming at them to wash up dishes from a month ago. And still never getting them done. A great way to avoid becoming the messy flatmate is to wash up as soon as you finish eating, it may take some time but it soon becomes a habit.

2. The Mum/Dad

Can usually be found asking the messy one to clean up. They are your go to for a hangover cure and always seem to have advice you’d expect from your parents. You might clash with them sometimes, but you love them deep down because they’re always there for a cuddle when you need one.

3. The flat best friend

This person you didn’t know 12 months ago but now they’re your ride or die. Whether its gyming or just chilling after a day at the library this person is your go to for whenever you need a bit of company. Even if its at 3am after a night out and you want to watch the Lion King they’ll wake up and sit with you.

4. The early riser

This person is the most productive and normally makes you feel guilty that you haven’t made the most of the day when you wake up at lunch time. They’re always first in line for the fresher’s daytime activity signup and end up getting on the best activities. You don’t know how they do it, you aspire to be like them but then your bed is so comfy.

5. The nocturnal one

Opposite to the early riser you might only ever see this person if you are pulling an all nighter or on a night out. They will be having breakfast as you’re having dinner and can be heard watching tv or playing computer games at 2am. You might never see them during the day but they’re always there for you when you can’t sleep.

6. The Chef

Whatever you do, make sure you become best friends with this person. They are that one person who has the gift for making the most delicious food that no matter what you do you cannot recreate. However, they aren’t always going to be your best friend, especially if they decide to whip up a 3-course meal after a night out. Just be prepared for dropped pans and 3am fire alarms

7. The Party Planner

This person always has guestlist entry sorted and you know you can count on them for a good night on the Toon. It all starts with the night-time activities at Fresher’s, you’ll all agree they organise the best pres and then from there they become your go to for a great night out. Just be aware that part planners are notorious for soon get bored of taking the party out and instead deciding to host house parties to rival project x.

And just remember if you don’t fit into one of these categories then chances are you may be one of them.