The Ultimate Newcastle Nightlife!

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

During the first few weeks of dipping your toes into uni life you are shepherded about by older students; veterans in advising Freshers about societies and academic courses and so on. But what happens during the day is a completely different story to what happens at night. The sun sets and a whole new tale begins as an infamous world of Geordie nightlife and Freshers mischief awaits you. So, here’s our top 5 clubs and bars for a cheeky night on the Toon:

Soho Rooms Newcastle

Soho Rooms

For current students, Soho Rooms is undeniably the best with the free entry and

crowd-pleasing music attracting students far and wide, with 4 floors of great music and atmosphere.

House of Smith | Credit: Sean Elliott Photography

House of Smith

Next is House of Smith, and the reason it ranks so high is because it comes with two additional clubs, Florita’s and Madame Koo, alongside it, making it a three-in-one night out. Intersecting halls connecting the clubs allow you to hop between this triple threat of venues, each boasting completely different music tastes and crowds for a great night out tailored to every type of clubber. Their themed nights (Waikiki Tuesdays and Club Trop Mondays) are also especially popular within the student clubbing scene.

Digital Newcastle


As one of the most prestigious clubs in the North, most students are well acquainted with Newcastle’s one and only Super club which is ranked one of the UK’s best clubs. As a student her in the city, the phrase ‘Digi Monday’ will likely be etched into your mind for pretty much the whole of your time here. Why, you ask? Well, with £1 entry, £1 drinks, amazing DJs and celebrity guests, how could it not?

Tiger Tiger Newcastle

Sinners & Tiger Tiger

Fourth in line are side-by-side Sinners bar and nightclub Tiger Tiger. They really do come as a pair; you just can’t go to one without having been to their partner in crime first. It’s common knowledge that Tiger Tiger is the only club to be in on a Wednesday night. Reserved for sports socials, fancy-dress clad and booze-fuelled students from all societies come together to party hard in the White Room or get their groove on in Groovy Wonderland. But beforehand, it’s practically tradition that you first hit Tiger’s next-door-neighbour, Sinners, for some of Newcastle’s cheapest drinks.

World Head Quarters Newcastle

World Head Quarters

Finally, a favourite for some but not for all, we have World Head Quarters. Commonly abbreviated by its regulars to World HQ or Worldies, this venue is famous for hosting popular events Apple Bum and Soul Jam. It’s a must try for any students looking for an edgy night out or something slightly different. If you can’t stand the tunes of the mainstream clubs and love an alternative vibe, this is the club for you.