My Week at NUSU Freshers – Krupesh, Medicine Student

My initial doubts:

- I had lectures every day from 9am til 2

- Meeting people outside my course

- Everything would be full on and burn me out

What I was looking to do:

- Listen to good music

- Do more interactive and sporty daytime activities

- See the sights of Newcastle

- Get as much free food as possible

How the week panned out:

It was great to find out that, not only were all the different activities on offer after my lectures finished, I could sign up to them an hour before my lectures started! It meant I had something to look forward to after uni and made friends with people on them too. The highlight was the Escape Rooms for sure, even if it did take us a while to get out. We realised we had to break the ice to work the clues out, which really helped the nerves of making friends outside my course. Other ones I loved were the free grub crawls, Zapatista, Toon Food, bubble football and Laser Quest.

Obviously, I was a tad worn out after all this, so I went for more chilled things afterwards, like the dog café and an amazing tour inside St James’ Park. Plus the Friday daytime helped a lot with the free massages and petting zoo.

So despite my initial worries about the week, I made friends so easily and managed to do everything I wanted to. I also now know the city really well thanks to the volunteers that guided us to each trip!