Get the most out of your Freshers' Week

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Freshers' Week 2018

You couldn’t have chosen a better city to study in than Newcastle. With unrivalled shops, bars, local businesses, heritage, beautiful views, and nightlife, there is no better place to spend your next three years. It will become evident very quickly why Newcastle University was voted the best student social life. It’s Fresher’s week and thousands of students are flooding back to the Toon to kick of a new year. This activities fair is used to orientate our new students to the university and the city as a whole. In order to partake in the day and night planned activities, the student must purchase the £70 wristband to serve as an all access pass to the festivities. Although this price can seem daunting as a potentially newly independent individual, it is in fact pretty reasonable when considering the amenities that go along with it. So make sure when you arrive on campus the first thing you do after settling into your fat is head over to student life to purchase a wristband!

So here are some of our top hints and tips for making the most out of your Fresher’s Week experience:

• Do as many activities as you can every day, such as the cat and dog café to get your fix and ease the transition of moving away from your beloved pets.

• Also take advantage of offered excursions such as paint-balling, comedy nights hosted in the local venues and of course the night life.

• Sign up for as many societies as possible and as your first term goes on you can pick and choose the ones you want to focus your time and energy on.

• Spend as much time meeting new people whether that be in societies you’ve signed up for or the Fresher’s fair sponsored events.

• Go to every club event: drinks won’t get cheaper and you won’t have lectures the next day.

• Visit Newcastle’s Castle.

• Sign up to go on the day trip to Tynemouth, a seaside town 20 minutes by metro, to learn to kayak and paddle board.

• Take this time to explore and scope out businesses around campus: One of my personal favourite places to do work and get some good food and tea at is Quilliam Brothers.

• FREE FOOD: Make sure during your first week here at Newcastle you plan your time wisely when signing up for activities, as ones that involve food often get filled quickly. If you are strategic and make sure you get your name on the sign-up sheet, you can use this as an excuse to postpone grocery shopping.

• Befriend your roommates: Freshers’ Week is the best time to really get to know your new flatmates, going on activities together and experiencing the nightlife. Who knows, they could end up being your life long mate!

• Go to the themed nights at the student union: there’ll be cheap drinks and great student-catered music to dance the night away with your new roommates and friends.

• Embrace your time at university: Join in because everyone’s in the same boat and experiencing the same excitement to meet new people and explore this new place.

• Don’t spend all of your student loan at once, as tempting as it may be to blow through it and get got up in this week’s excitement. Fight the urge, it will save a lot of budgeting in the long run.

• Vitamins and Rest: make sure with all of the amazing nightlife opportunities you prioritise catching up on sleep so you can avoid the feared freshers’ flu at all costs.

Every fresher’s experience during this week is unique to the activities they partake in and the other responsibilities they balance during this time. Pauliana, biomed fresher from Lithuania said her “favourite part of Fresher’s week was the variety of activities we could do. Everyone had a chance to try something new or get to know Newcastle better. And, of course, I liked the free food!” These are always a popular hit with our new student body, as they are given the opportunity to explore their new home with many perks and benefits of free food and planned activities. Newcastle University has so much to offer their freshers, so make sure you are prepared to be an early riser and take advantage of all of those wonderful opportunities!