A Freshers Week with a twist – Lydia, History Student

My Initial Doubts:

- Only thing on at night was in a club

- I’d have to drink to make friends

- I wouldn’t have the energy to go to every night

What I was hoping to do:

- Learn about the city’s heritage

- Get some cheap deals for clothes and meals out

How the week went:

Not only did I find out that Newcastle has so much more history than I realised, I found something to go to every night that wasn’t just loud music in a club. And we got this great goody bag of so many offers and deals from places in town, and been able to eat out cheap.

During the day, I went full nerd and checked out the castle, the Angel of the North and my favourite of the history side, the Victoria Tunnel! It was literally getting to walk through the underground of the city and of course we got told about the weird stories about the place too. There were a few museums that had some nifty displays that were interactive like the Discovery museum.

On the night, there were events that didn’t have big crowds and I even met other people that weren’t into drinking. I absolutely loved seeing Chris Ramsey’s comedy and dressing up for the Hollywood dinner night, felt so fancy.

I was happy that the uni didn’t just have the club nights and considered people like me for the week, and that I met others that felt the same, plus I now have so many new clothes which I got excited to buy!