7 Tricks on how to save as a Student

Managing money can be quite tricky especially when you’re at university. It can be a bit of a challenge trying to balance socialising, food, rent and student loan payments as well as trying to save. So we’ve come together to share some of our tricks from our student days on how save some money.

Student Discount

This one is a bit of an obvious one, however most people forget. So get yourself a NUS card, use your student’s card. Each of these cards will get you discounts across the city. Don’t forget about UniDAYs and Student Beans, these sites will also alert you on exclusive discounts to students with exclusive discount codes.

Try Aldi and Lidl

Food shopping will most probably be the bigger of your purchases, which you’ll obviously have to spend on a weekly basis. So try out Aldi and Lidl who have super low prices and have really good produce like Sainsbury’s.

Set up a savings account

If you want to save up for something a bit more expensive, then set up a savings account. Once you have one you can set up a direct debit that sends a bit of money to it each week or month. In no time you’ll have saved up enough and I bet you forget about it too!

Cook in batches

When I was at university I used to cook in enormous batches which is actually cheaper and put meals in the freezer for example lasagne or like a curry. It stops you from spending money on microwave meals as well as takeaways.

Say no

You’ll experience this probably once a day, an invitation to coffee, lunch or a night out. Don’t feel the need to please others, it’s ok to say no sometimes. You can always suggest like a movie night with popcorn instead.

Walk instead of the metro

If you have time walk, every time you get the metro it adds up. So if you have the time, have a walk to university, you’ll soon see that £3 a day mounts up.

Be organised

Getting lunch and coffee everyday can become super expensive. So get yourself organised make pack lunches and if you want coffee and make some at home to take with you. You’ll soon see a difference in your bank account.