7 Top Tips To Make the Most out of Your Commute to Uni

Sometimes we forget, not everyone lives in halls, quite a few live at home. I was one of those students, I commuted everyday via train to university. Most people who live at home live fairly close by, for myself I lived around an hour away which wasn’t too bad only when it comes to those 9ams. To help some of you students, I thought I’d share some tips to help you get the most of student life even though you live at home as well as some tips for your commute.

1) Make the Most of Your Commute

For myself I had a 30-minute train journey and 30-minute walk to uni. On the train I used to do my prep for my lectures and the way home I’d make sure my notes were in order. I’d probably o some reading as well, so when I got home I could relax and chill out. For my walk I’d always have a pair of headphones with me. Postcasts and some good music made the walk to uni some much easier. If you’ve got to commute, make the most out your days, plan your day out, don’t just leave after lectures. Make the most of what the uni has to offer, study space, unlimited resources!

2) Take Advantage of Fresher's Week

Try to joining in loads of activities during freshers as it’s great way to meet lots of new people with similar interests to yourself. Choose to go on some activities during the day and nights, it can be a bit daunting but everyone is super friendly and there to help you meet new people.

3) Join a Society or Sports Club

Once you have you have your timetable you’ll realise that you have a lot of spare time on your hands. You might only be in uni for a couple of hours a day, so it can be quite difficult to meet new people if you go home after lectures. Joining a society can help you meet new people again of similar interests to yourself. It also gives you something to do after you finish your lectures.

4) Pack Light and Well

Packing light is super helpful, it lightens the load especially if you have to walk for 30 minutes like I did. Pack essential things like a laptop (make sure it’s fully charged, chargers can be heavy) or a pad of paper and pens preferably not both. Always take an umbrella (you never know!) and a water bottle (hydration is always important). Leave the heavy text books at home (most are online now anyway). If you need to bring a lot of stuff to uni ask a friend if you can drop it off with them first.

5) Happy Snacking

It’s hard to avoid temptation when you’re in a city with wonderful places to go every day. But it’s also super expensive. If you go shopping for snacks that you can munch on throughout the week, you’ll be saving yourself a small bit of money every week. Plus, it’s a good way to stop temptation and keep on a healthy track.

6) Railcards (16-25)

Don’t forget to make the most of railcards if you’re travelling by train, it really does save some money in the long run. For my journey using a railcard I saved approximately £2.90 a day and I used to go to uni 4 times a week for each uni term (in total 32 weeks) meaning I saved close to £400 from using my railcard!

7) Part-time Job

A great way to meet new people and make friends is by getting a job. You’ll find if you get a part-time job near your uni chances are the people working there are students too! This also stops you from going home from uni straight after lectures, helping you take advantage of all uni has to offer.