6 things you’ll find yourself saying to your new flatmates

Moving into a new place on your own for the first time. Its always nice to know you have your flatmates to fall back on if you need anything. Here’s a list of all the things you’ll find yourself repeating whilst living in halls.

1. “Do your washing up”

The classic student conundrum, how to deal with that one person who refuses to wash up after they’ve cooked/ate/drank. You’ll probably cave after a week and end up doing it with yours, telling yourself it will be the last time… it won’t. Many have tried to get them back. Putting all their dirty dishes in a box/bag and leaving in/outside of their room only to find their own plates missing after a day.

2. “Who’s touched the thermostat?”

With up to 6 people from all over the country now living in one space there are bound to be some arguments over the thermostat, usually followed with ‘bloody southerners’ from anyone from Middlesbrough up. The issue isn’t too bad in an all bills included apartment the true issues come when you start to pay your own bills. Sorry to sound like your Nan but if your cold put a jumper on, too hot? Stick on a pair of shorts. Sitting down and hosting a flat meeting can quickly resolve any issue.

3. “Can I borrow…?”

The age old saying when you move into a flat. The key suspects are corkscrew, potato masher, cheese, butter… the list goes on. You’ll soon figure out who to lend to and who not to lend to, aka the one you shouted at earlier for not washing up.

4. “Who ate my….?”

There’s nothing worse than getting to the kitchen to find your key ingredient or award worthy meal from the night before has magically disappeared. Beware of the drunk eater that will eat their own food and then forget about it the next day. Want to eliminate any chance of someone eating all your food? You can get small counter-top fridges for under £100 that you can stash in your room.

5. “Can I have some?”

Following on from our last point, this will normally be aimed at the chef of the flat whose just made an amazing gourmet meal (in context probably just a curry or pasta dish) and put away some for the next day. I highly advise you make good friends with this person as they will also normally have a good stash of herbs and spices. Try doing joint meals that way you get a great meal and they aren’t spending their money feeding you.

6. “Anyone going to the shop?”

The shop may literally be directly opposite your front door but there’s always that little bit of comfort knowing its not just you that’s gracing the world with your carefully chosen outfit of pyjamas and slippers. Moral support will also come in handy when you inevitably turn around and ask, “this is a normal amount of cheese, right?” as you pile 6 bags onto the counter.