37 Mistakes You’ll Make During Freshers

We all make mistakes at some point in our lives and predominantly most of them come during university. It's a learning curve and we as a students union are here to help you. So here are 37 of the most common mistakes you'll make during you're first year at uni.

1. Forgetting essentials

Check our ultimate freshers checklist, it's perfect for stopping you forgetting those essential items.

2. Running out of toilet roll (whilst on the loo)

Always an awkward one make sure you keep well stocked in this department.

3. Forgetting to set an alarm

You'll make this mistake a little more than a few times. Get yourself into a routine and you'll start getting used to waking up for those 9ams.

4. Not shopping for the best deals/budgeting

Don't forget to use your NUSU card and look out for deals, it's the best way to save.

5. Rushing into buying a house

There's loads of time to secure a house for second year! So relax and take your time choosing later on.

6. Buying the entire reading list

Guess what you'll probably find most if not all the books on the reading list in the library. Maybe buy one book if you can use throughout your entire degree.

7. Not being insured

Get insured!! You'll probably drop your phone at some point and maybe even have it stolen, so make sure you get insured just in case the worst happens.

8. Eating out all the time

Although it's fun eating out with your friends you'll cause a huge dent in your bank account over time.

9. Getting a massive Overdraft

Overdrafts are a necessity when it comes to student life, however you've got to remember that it's not free money!

10. Not getting a part time job

Get your bum off that sofa and get yourself a job and earn some extra money. You'll honestly feel so much better!

11. Buying yet another unneeded note pad

Do you really need that extra pen or paper?

12. Buying unneeded electronics

Don't spend all of your student loan on a laptop and then having nothing left for food.

13. Leaving referencing until the end

Always a big mistake make sure you do your referencing as you go through your work. Otherwise you'll get confused and then you'll have to search for them all over again!

14. Forgetting to return library books

Possibly the worst way to lose a bit of money by forgetting to return your library books.

15. Not saving your work in numerous places (email to self, USB)

Just email it to yourself, put it on a USB, save it everywhere!!!

16. Leaving assignments until the night before

Nothing worse than leaving your assignments to the last minute. So try doing a little bit everyday to lighten the load.

17. Pretending you’re not homesick

What I would suggest is call home once in a while and don't just go home for the holidays.

18. Ignoring food use by dates

Some food use by dates can be wrong however I'd personally stick to these dates just in case and especially with meat.

19. Locking yourself out

It's inevitable really but just try your best not to forget you keys.

20. Leaving your dishes in the sink

Don't say I'm leaving them to soak because days later I sure they will still be there!

21. Putting colours in the with the whites

If in doubt use colour catcher!!

22. Not signing up to your local GP

Sign up to your GP asap, you might not get ill during your degree. Chances are you will at some point though!

23. Setting off the fire alarm early in the morning

Don't be that guy!

24. Shopping when hungry

Rule of thumb don't go shopping when hungry otherwise your bank account might start to cry!

25. Not signing up to a dentist

Don't forget to find your local dentist!!

26. Not taking out the bins

Again don't leave this until the last minute. Take them out as soon as they're full.

27. Dismissing your parents as soon as you can

One of the worst things you do is dismiss you parents as soon as you're unpacked. Remember they helped you get there and packed your bags.

28. Thinking the first person you meet is going to be your bestie for life

You'll meet lots of friends during uni so don't get attached too early.

29. Joining every society/sports club

I'm not going to lie I was that person and I got so many emails during my degree.

30. Not getting involved with freshers

Get involved with freshers, it's your chance to experience new things and meet new people!

31. Ignoring non-drinking events

There are loads of activities that don't involve drinking, remember freshers is not all about the nightlife.

32. Upsetting your neighbours

Be respectful you're not the only one living here.

33. Throwing away your moving boxes

You'll be moving out in a year so don't throw away your moving boxes, that's just wasteful.

34. Living in your room

35. Bringing pointless objects with you

Don't pack stuff that you don't need otherwise you'll forget the essentials.

36. Not learning how to cook

Buy a little book and get yourself cooking!

37. Losing your keys

Get a lanyard so you can have them hanging around neck all the time!