1 week, 20 hours of sleep – Marc, Sports Science Student

My Initial Doubts:

- No big names to see

- Music at the clubs would be generic house music

- I wouldn’t be able to get served at the bars for ages

What I was hoping to do:

- Go all out on the night events

- Get to know the good bars around the town

How the week went:

What really made the week for me were the awesome nights at the clubs, getting to see Snakehips live and how much the places were kitted out. I made it to a few daytime stuff, and wish I’d done more, but it was definitely still worth it all. The night at the Gate was packed, but because there were so many bars, I got my drinks pretty quickly, and the music got everyone bouncing. The bars had loads of decorations, there was a silent disco, free food and managed to get a cool photo with a giant werewolf on stilts.

The best night was where we got to try out the different places in town, and have now made Illegitimate my go-to club for uni. Some nights I may have gone a bit over the edge, but made it home thanks to the uni helpers that drove me back to my halls. I would definitely not have made it without them!